The Teacher


Hey everybody......I hope all is well. It's that time of the month.....a blog update. I know some of you have been wondering what I have been doing, you know since I am no longer a track star lol. But no seriously I have so many people ask me about my life now as a teacher. I think I am finally ready to spill the beans as some would say. In this sense I am spilling the beans of my adjustment and honestly I can say I am happy with the choice I made. School is in session and it has me meeting deadlines, writing lesson plans and of course instructing!  I take my job seriously and what better than to help educate our children of today. 

When I decided to retire from the sport of track and field, not only did I give up traveling to all parts of the world but also the fame/athletic lifestyle.   It was nice to hop on planes and travel to Paris, Greece, Bahamas, Russia and a host of other places.  I don't miss the sweat, the tears and the workouts. 

Now as a teacher I love what I do! It is hard and difficult at times, but I was born with a never give up attitude.   I am often stressed but it is because I want to give my all. I give my students the advice to never give up. I want them to not only learn from me, but be able to say they had an awesome time in my class.  Not everyone can be a teacher and it takes a special person. I care, love and have patience for my students. I am hard on them and I want them to succeed. So at the end of the day when I get into bed I can sigh and say again, I am in the right field. 

For the most part I love love my job 😎  and that is what is important. Who was or is your favorite teacher and why?  I am doing a give away to the 25th person to respond. I have 25 kids in my class!  Can't wait to read your responses!