I am filled with so much JOY!!!!

Hello everyone

I am a little late on this post but hey in reality it is never too late.  I want to thank everyone that came out to my book signing event....yes all 120 of you. The weather was not at all our friend that night, but you all came to support ME.  The winds were treacherous, the rain was pouring down and power was even out in some areas.  It brought so much joy to me as I looked into the crowd and saw all the people that are important to me.  I was also happy to see lots of people I did not know and met for the first time!  And to think I was worried that no one would show up because of the weather.  I remember arriving to the venue and praying to GOD that he would let the event be successful.  I almost shed some tears as the few minutes before start time arose, and barely anyone was there.  Yes your sensitive girl......almost messed up her bomb.com makeup and yes almost messed up that pretty white dress that I had on.   

One of my sorority sisters calmed me down and said, just wait and you will see what is in store.  She was right because in the next few minutes the venue was full and the event began.  Let me give just a little recap and some things you didn't know, lol some bloopers. I was so worried about this white dress that I had on that I bought another back up dress just in case something happened to it.  I even told my children that once mommy had on her dress she was off limits and could not be touched.  You should have seen their faces especially my 2 and 1/2 year old.

The event was set up so nicely, the food was delicious, cupcakes were on point and Maxwell the Violinist was the entertainment for the night. Everyone mixed and mingled and of course had an amazing time.  My MC did a great job, my greeters and volunteers were amazing and Walnut Hills High School was wonderful for hosting the event.  I had a young lady from an adoption agency called Necco who talked about the benefits of adoption and passed out information for National Adoption Month- November.  I was excited to come forward and read a little of the book to share with the crowd and do a Q/A session.  I think the hit of the night was dessert and a huge thank you to Wyoming Pastry because not only could you purchase the book to read that night but thanks to them you could eat it too.

Thank you family, friends, sorority sisters, and my husband for helping to make the night a success. It was one of the best nights ever! Now I can add author to my resume and be proud to share with all "Unwavering Perseverance".