Amazing when you know that you can say.......I can do it

Good morning!!!!

I am so happy that at times you can realize the smallest things that can end up helping you with your day.  I spent the night reviewing over my speech with a friend.  She not only gave me great constructive criticism but she allowed my words to serve as a form of encouragement for her. You see sometimes we know what we want to do, and we have a plan but we just don't put it forward. I woke up this morning realizing wow I helped her to realize something that she already knew but just needed to hear it again up close and personal.  I challenge you all today to make a difference, put a smile on someone's face, help a child or an adult and remember that it's the little things that can make a person's day.  Have an awesome Friday.  Stay tuned for more....


I'm on a roll,

Mary W.